Compagnie Cecilia is a Belgian theatre company, founded in 2006. We bring only new creations and constantly strive for authenticity. Live music, dance and circus are a substantial part of our theatre. Our theatre makers Arne Sierens and Johan Heldenbergh call themselves ‘athletes of the heart’ and create plays that touch the public directly and emotionally. The plays of Compagnie Cecilia are marked by a unique mix of popular elements, humor, visual poetry, new music and strong breathtaking stories. All this led to a repertoire with hits such as ‘Altijd Prijs‘, ‘Trouwfeesten en processen enzovoorts‘, ‘De Pijnders‘, ‘Ensor‘ and ‘The Broken Circle Breakdown‘ as a highlight. Director Felix Van Groeningen turned this play into a film that was nominated for the Oscars (best foreign film) in 2015. Arne Sierens was cowriter of the script of ‘Belgica‘, the new movie by Felix Van Groeningen, which has been¬†selected for the Sundance Festival in 2016.