Compagnie Cecilia and Circus Ronaldo present a hilarious, drifting ‘Faustian’ vaudeville.

Three men are took off guard by questons about the hole where they come from and the black hole in which they will disappear once.. How, when and why have their parents fathered them? The world expects from adults that they accept everything and digest the hard chunks just like that. It’s a sad disaster, but one to laugh with it.


text & direction Arne Sierens
with Johan Heldenbergh, Danny Ronaldo, Karel Creemers
set design Guido Vrolix
live-music Jean-Yves Evrard
costumes Dorine Demuynck
photography Kurt Van der Elst
technique Koen Demeyere, Jonas Lambrigts, Nanosh Van den Broeck
production Compagnie Cecilia in collaboration with Circus Ronaldo
coproduction MiramirO, Festival Humorologie, Theater op de Markt – Dommelhof